Carina Zampini announced her discharge and her return to the Kitchen Grand Prix: the reaction of Andrea Politti fans


After the wave of coronavirus infections in The Grand Prize of the Kitchen that affected Juan Marconi, Felicitas Pizarro and Carina Zampini, The actress told through her social networks that she had already been discharged and that in these days she will return to her work.

“Hi. I tell you that I have already discharged, tomorrow I return to the ring, luckily I went through it without symptoms. Thank you for always being there, for the love and pampering these days. I love”, The former protagonist of Dulce Amor wrote on her Twitter account, receiving more than three thousand “I like”.

However, many of the comments on his post were from users who were in favor of Andrea Politti, who replaced her in driving during the two weeks that Zampini had to be absent. Many of them asked that the dressmaking hostess stay in the cooking cycle.


“The producers should set the rating, since this Politti the program is better“,” What is true in everything they said? That you didn’t want a replacement, that you shouted to heaven for the dressing room, that you didn’t want Andrea to have your hairdresser “,” I love Politti. She doesn’t get as much of an actress as you and she doesn’t scream as much and she doesn’t spend her time making faces and laughing at I don’t know what, like you. I’m also glad you’re okay “and” I don’t care if you come back or not “were some of the negative comments the main driver received.

With over a million followers on Twitter, he also received support: “Hello Cari that’s good, someone to put order in the kitchen”, “Honey, I’m glad you’re well, but without symptoms, it’s impossible. Something you had like a headache, something more tired, something insignificant, but something, you shouldn’t fool people”, “This news made my day happy, how well everything happened. the best way and I am glad that you join the work so we see you laugh every afternoon, I adore you very much “,” What good news Cari. That you come back recharged and that in this time we have sent you all the love we have for you and beautiful energy. We love you”.

The first to confirm that he had coronavirus fue Juan Marconi, co-driver of the cycle, who decided to swab after one of his friends, with whom he had dined, presented symptoms. His positive was added by that of Zampini and that of Felicitas Pizarro, seven months pregnant. Jimena Monteverde is replacing the young cook who is part of the jury with Mauricio Asta and Christian Petersen.

In dialogue with Teleshow Felicitas, who is about to premiere in El Gourmet the cycle With you bread and onion, with her husband Santiago Solerno, said that she is fine, that she is asymptomatic and that her obstetrician told her not to worry but to keep him informed of anything. Now he is at home with his partner, who was also operated on for appendicitis, and with his three-year-old son Ramón.

After resuming his work, Pizarro will work until the end of December, when he begins his maternity leave, awaiting the arrival of Indalecio, next January.


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Some charm us first, to betray us later. Others are even guilty of loving them, deep down … But they all catch us, for better or for worse. Because in the end, how can it be so bad!

Some charm us first, to betray us later. Others are even guilty of loving them, deep down … But they all catch us, for better or for worse. Because in the end, how can it be so bad!