Carina Ricco remembers Eduardo Palomo in what would have been his 59th birthday

For 45 minutes, they gave him CPR, but attempts failed. Palomo died at the age of 41 due to a heart attack, this derived from a heart disease he suffered.

Eduardo Palomo and Carina Ricco (Instagram / carinaricco)

From that moment, Carina Ricco took refuge in her children, as she revealed in an interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda. “If they (my children) weren’t in my life, it would be like a dry branch. They are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me, apart from the skinny one (Eduardo). It has been one of the most beautiful and profound adventures and I think I would almost tell you that the most important thing I have done in my life is to have them, and love and growth and that we continue to take care of each other so much. They are both great teammates, we are a good team, and with the skinny one… we were like: ‘What is this? That beauty!’. It would not have occurred to me to have children with anyone else ”, he declared.

In that same talk, she spoke about how difficult it was for her to face the death of her husband, who always had in mind to fulfill an important dream. “It was very strong for the unexpected, for the young, for the healthy, for the children, for him. Because if the skinny man wanted something it was not to lose himself growing up with his children, he did not imagine not being with his children, he did not imagine not being like father. All his work, his drive was for us, so I thought of Fiona and Luca not having it and it was very strong, it was a pain that in some way perhaps the children did not measure ”, he revealed.

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