Career opportunities for a senior laboratory technician

The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear the need for human beings to invest in health and to investigate how to combat the different diseases that affect our lives.

An evolved society cannot boast of being so if it does not have medical advances that can extend the life of its population and give it a sufficient quality of life to enjoy its days. Unfortunately, we do not usually give a fair measure of what medicine entails until we need some kind of medical attention.

A very important profession within the healthcare sector and that barely has the recognition it deserves is that of clinical and biomedical laboratory technician. Everyone recognizes and applauds the work of doctors and nurses; However, few know a work that is basic for medicine, and that is that laboratory technicians are in charge of carrying out clinical analyzes of human biological samples (blood, tissues, urine, etc.) that are essential to diagnose diseases and be able to treat to the patients.

A laboratory technician must prepare the space: keep it organized, clean and tidy; take and analyze samples; record and review the results obtained and communicate the results, among many other functions.

The Higher Degree in Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory

Being a laboratory technician requires studying a higher degree in which you learn everything you need to perform this important job. The Higher Technical Degree in Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory is a 100% official qualification, which is approved by the Ministry of Education.

This professional training has a eminently practical approach. Although having a theoretical base is the starting point of any profession, it is through practice that students really face the real processes that they will encounter on a day-to-day basis. The practice serves to establish all the knowledge of the books and to find the solution to the different situations that occur in a laboratory.

Clinical and biomedical laboratory technician job opportunities

Once the professional training is completed, different work alternatives as are the following:

Senior technician in clinical diagnostic laboratory. Laboratory specialist technician. Technical assistant in toxicology laboratory. Technical assistant in research and experimentation laboratory. Commercial delegate of hospital and pharmaceutical products.

The normal thing is to take advantage of internships in companies to gain experience, make contacts and open a path in the world of work.

Another positive aspect of the training is that the student can choose to work in both the public and private sectors. Depending on the job position and for what type of company it is carried out, the salary it can vary, although the normal thing is to charge an amount greater than 20,000 gross euros.

In short, the Higher Degree in Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory Technician It offers several professional opportunities to those who are not very clear about which path to choose and is a great help in the field of Health at the national level.

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