In the face of protests against racism in recent days, following the death of George Floyd, Arizona Cardinals He announced that he will support his players if they decide to kneel in the intonation of the United States anthem.

Although the coaches and managers still have no dialogue with the team, the team’s head coach, Kliff kingsbury, assured that they will support them and, at the same time, said proud of his pupils for raising his voice against social injustices.

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“But obviously we are going to support our boys. We gave them a day off last week to process everything and as a tribute to George Floyd as well. I am very proud of Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson and DeAndre Hopkins for speaking, ”he commented Monday.

The coach also added that as an organization of high importance for the Nfl, and specifically for the city of Phoenix, they have to set the example to fight racism and police violence.

“As an organization, we want them to know that we support them. From top to bottom. Michael (Bidwill) has called me several times to talk about things: How can we help? ”Explained the strategist.

And he added that “racial injustice, police brutality towards people of color, has to stop. We all hope that this is the catalyst for that change, “he explained.

So far, Washington Redskins running back Adrian Peterson has been one of the players who has confirmed that he will kneel in the upcoming regular season of the National Football League (NFL), just as Colin Kaepernick did.