Cardi B took off her shirt and covered her breasts only with thin suspenders for the XXL magazine

Cardi B hits with a photo on the cover of XXL magazine.

Photo: Xavier Collin. / Grosby Group

The wife of Offset and singer Cardi B he set fire to the social media with a look very sophisticated and from above. It turns out that the singer saw the famous building at some point Edge located in The Angels in a video of Jennifer Lopez and immediately knew that one day he wanted to do something there. As she is a woman who achieves almost everything she wants, the XXL magazine He offered to be the cover and she accepted on the condition of directing all the details of the photoshoot. So both the production team of the publisher and the rapper herself, got down to work and went to the spectacular skyscraper to do the job.

Several were the photographs that were taken but undoubtedly one of those that drew attention was where he appears with very elegant wide pants. She has no shirt on top, but her breasts were covered with very small suspenders. This exposed most of them.

The same feat was repeated, but this time with a kind of hands covering her voluptuous “breasts.” Obviously, the landscape made up the middle of the picture.

There is no doubt that the Niuyorkina’s ambition has led her to the highest numbers of all, not just from musical billboards. It is also a trend in digital media, It leads the canned rotation charts of the big streaming companies and is the quintessential guest at the great world entertainment events. She is definitely a very strategic woman in terms of her professional steps.

Precisely, in this interview for XXL, He said that now he does not accept any offer from businessmen. Now she asks to be part of the profit of the executives themselves. “They offer you advances of 2 million dollars and then they win 50 or 100. Now I want to be part of those figures and that is why I prepare and do my research.” Definitely, Cardi B It has no demarcated limits using it is about success.

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