The relationship of the great stars of music with tattoos has its own long and prolific history. Few are the successful singers who have not adorned their skin with some permanent ink, and some have taken their passion for this aesthetic to wild extremes. And now, the rapper Cardi B, another famous fan of needles, has wanted to share with the world her latest and spectacular design.

The singer has chosen to print on her epidermis forever a colorful and complex floral notewhich includes several butterflies and a hummingbird and it starts on your right shoulder to go through part of his back and his left buttock and thigh. The impressive dimensions of the tattoo, obviously, lead us to think that the rapper spent considerable time in the hands of the responsible artist, and this has been confirmed by herself.

Along with a video detailing the entire design, Cardi B wrote the following: “Well guys! You can be here. It has taken me several months, but it is finally finished”. The tattoo artist himself, whom the rapper also thanks in his post, has expanded the information of the process: “More than 60 hours, more than 10 cities, it was an incredible project and a crazy experience. Thank you for your dedication, strength and hospitality, “said Jamie Schene, an artist based in California.

So, from the looks of it, the result has left Cardi B more than happy, who In recent days, he has not tired of publishing a series of suggestive photographs showing off the impressive tattoo. In the first one, the rapper poses crouched, half on her back, with a tiny bikini that allows you to perfectly appreciate its new floral design and a blue bag to match its striking hair. And just a few hours ago, she also shared another image in which she comes out sitting in a chair, in profile, with another bathing suit that exposes most of your skin.

Cardi B fans have been enthusiastic about her new tattoo and have shown it in the comments of her publications. The artist adds like this the most ambitious piece to her particular ink collection, which includes, among others, her husband’s stage name, Offsett, a peacock or the phrase “The super powerful girls”.