Cardi B exposes herself the victim of a great injustice, says she earns less money for her skin color

Cardi B breaks the silence and exposes the type of “discrimination” to which she is subjected as an influencer, due to her skin color and origin.

Photo: Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar. / Grosby Group

One of the biggest injustices that Cardi B has suffered since her rise to fame has to do with the salary difference that would exist between “Caucasian influencers” and those who belong to ethnic minorities like her, since the former would charge on average much more money for promoting different brands or products in their social media posts.

After investigating this matter, the singer has been able to verify that they only offer her a fraction of the fees that other artists receive even though she is one of the most prominent stars on the international music scene and also has more than 87 million followers on Instagram.

Sometimes I feel like a company can see, you know, a girl like me, a girl of color. I am a colored girl and on top of that I come from the neighborhood. And they think, ‘Oh, we could offer him a $ 2 million advance.’ And the point is, that same company is going to make you probably $ 50 million dollars, or $ 100 million. And you settle for $ 2 million dollars because they think you want that money so much that they are only going to give you 2 million ”, he lamented in a new interview with XXL Magazine.

The conclusion you have reached Cardi is that from now on she will assert herself even if it costs her interesting job offers because, as much as it hurts, You cannot continue to deny that your skin color has been playing a determining factor when negotiating your collaboration agreements.

“I hate making everything revolve around race, but it is something that exists”, has insisted. “Each one’s race is very real. But I hate that sometimes people want to make everything revolve around race. Sometimes it is obvious that it is a determining factor, because I have met some influential people who are not … you know, like me. I’m talking about Caucasian influencers. And they are paid a lot of money ”, he concluded.

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