Carbonell shines again in the pool

05/13/2021 at 7:30 PM CEST

Cristina Moreno

Being a mother and an elite athlete is a difficult pairing to combine, although not impossible. Ona Carbonell is the sample of it. The Olympic medalist made the decision long ago to park her brilliant career in the pool to pursue another important goal in her life, that of having a child. A decision that has kept her out of competition for a while, but has not diminished her ability to go down the water.

The Barcelona swimmer was set as the point for her return the Pre-Olympic – postponed by the FINA for this month of June -, but the pandemic has disrupted those plans a bit and the expected return has taken place in the European Championship in Budapest that is being held these days.

And the return could not have been better, with a bronze in the final of the technical team routine, the thirteenth medal in a European championship for one of the most successful Spanish athletes in history.

complicated conciliation

The appointment meant her return to competition with the national team almost two years later, with whom she had not competed since the 2019 World Championships. “I am very happy, very grateful to Mayu (national coach) and to my teammates because they have helped a lot on this path that has not been easy & rdquor ;, he explained Carbonell after getting the medal.

The swimmer has been forced to change her usual routines with motherhood, varying her training sessions to be able to breastfeed her child Kai and putting together a real puzzle to combine their two lives.

“Family conciliation for sportswomen does not exist & rdquor ;, he acknowledged in an interview a few months ago, although it is clear that he has known how to make it work and return in top form.

Having passed the first major litmus test of a season that aims to be busy, the goal of Ona is clear: “I want to go to my third Games because of what it means after being a mother.”

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