Cara Delevingne believed for a long time that being gay was having a mental illness

Cara Delevingne thought that being gay was being sick.

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Model Cara Delevingne He already revealed months ago that, during a good part of his childhood and adolescence, he had a very negative conception of homosexuality, as well as of sexual identities that were far from the ‘norm’, as a consequence of the conservative and traditional education that he had received at home and at school. This also explained the “shame” and hatred she came to feel towards herself when she began to be more aware of her pansexuality.

Far from trying to divert attention from that mentality that she presented years ago, the actress, too, has now wanted to delve into the importance of early awareness, putting herself as an example of the most negative effects of an upbringing marked by intolerance and homophobia . The catwalk star has even admitted that he even thought that “being gay was a mental illness”, so he understandably fell into a deep depression when he could not accept himself for who he was.

“Honestly, during that part of my life I thought that being gay was a mental illness. I thought I was sick, that there was something strange and wrong with me for being different. And the same goes for depression, it was something I couldn’t deal with emotionally due to the stigma attached to it. And you have to learn that nothing happens to feel this way, that it happens to everyone at some point in their life. I think that being able to talk about it without shame is what has given me the necessary tools to face it, what has helped me find people to help me ”, Cara has sincere on her way through the ‘Make It Reign’ podcast.

The British artist is convinced that all those “insecurities” that she has been suffering throughout her existence, including those related to her physical appearance, as well as her history of addictions, have as their point of origin that vital dissatisfaction derived from a sexual condition that it seemed to her at least sinful and of a psychological trauma that, at that time, was a taboo subject: “The trip that I have had has been too long, I have been fighting against all this since I was a child. And I think it all comes from trauma and addictions that have also manifested in my family. There are so many reasons that led me to shut my mouth instead of saying, ‘I’m sick, I need help,’ ”she added.

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