Car wash crashes Ferrari of Italian footballer valued at more than 300 thousand dollars

A tremendous surprise was taken by Italian goalkeeper Federico Marchetti of Genoa from Seria A in Italy when he saw that his precious Ferrari 812 Superfast, one of the most exclusive and powerful vehicles of the Maranello firm, was smashed on the street.

The person responsible for the spectacular accident was nothing more and nothing less than a car wash who works in the soccer player’s favorite carwash.

The tragic scene began to unfold when the player had his car washed, but as he was already late to get to team training and there were five cars waiting for service at the site, Marchetti decided to trust the establishment’s staff, whom he had already known for a long time, when they suggested that by leaving this Italian jewel sparkling, they should take it to the countryside and thus not waste time. So he went off to train without thinking about what awaited him.

The person in charge of taking it to the Signorini sports center had a big accident on the Via Pacoret, in Saint Bon, near the Genoese airport, when he could not control the powerful 812 Superfast in a curve and slammed it into the retaining wall, but not before taking it to other cars that were parked at the scene.

It is difficult to imagine how this tragedy happened because, the 812 Superfast, although it is an 800 horsepower machine, a product of its 6.5-liter V12 engine, it is also an advanced piece of technology in terms of driving and safety, to be able to muzzle this beast.

First of all, we must know that the 812 Superfast is the most powerful series Ferrari in history and is the top of the range of the Italian firm. Its handling is exquisite and very balanced as the V12 engine is placed in a front-central position that is combined with the trans-axle architecture that allows a perfect distribution of masses between both axles, which allows to keep it in control.

It also has an arsenal of driving aids such as stability controls, traction, braking as well as an advanced ABS braking system among many others that are combined with a 4-wheel steering to optimize its behavior in curves, which it relies on the first electric steering assist mounted on a Ferrari car, that is, it is a docile machine despite its musculature.

Even this rear-wheel drive sports car was developed to offer oversteer that seems to always be kept under control by the driver.

However, this 800 horsepower beast, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds and reaching a top speed of 340 km / h, if you don’t give it the respect it deserves, it can eat you in one bite. , as happened to the carwash employee, who by the way, fortunately did not suffer serious injuries.

It is a car that must demand everything from it in suitable spaces, such as on a race track, because if the reins are released on the streets, no matter how much the systems help, accidents are latent.

According to reports, the driver possibly deactivated the car’s aids, giving the beast freedom to release all its rage, and pressing the accelerator caused the rear axle tires to lose grip, due to the rapid way in which the engine delivers all the power and torque, causing the car wash to lose control in a second and hit parked cars to finally end up on the wall.

The Italian player had no choice but to resign himself to see his little toy valued at about $ 300,000 destroyed.

Federico Marchetti noted shortly after the accident on his social networks that “I am very sorry for what happened. Thank God no one was hurt, and this is the most important news. I hope I don’t read more about the bad things I’ve seen so far “