Car sales – Netherlands – October 2020: Volkswagen ID.3 leads

During the month of October 2020, new car registrations in the Netherlands reached a total of 31,988 units, a figure that, compared to that obtained in the same period of the previous year, represents a fall of 5.3%. The new Volkswagen ID.3 has been the best-selling car.

Things are getting better in the Netherlands. This automobile market is gradually leaving through the dramatic effects that the coronavirus pandemic has had on commercial activity. In the month of October 2020 the car sales in the Netherlands
reported a total of 31,988 units
traded, a record that, compared to that harvested in the same period last year, translates into a drop of only 5.3%.

This is a bad result, but if we put it in context with the one obtained in September, we are facing an obvious improvement. This trend is making it possible to soften, as far as possible, the poor results of the accumulated period. Between the months of January and October 2020 new car registrations in the Netherlands reached 280,213 units, approximately 23% less than in 2019.

KIA NiroThe KIA Niro has been the best-selling SUV in the Netherlands. Its electric variant is very popular

Volkswagen ID.3, the best-selling car in the Netherlands in October 2020

As for the most popular models, if we take a look at the ranking of the best-selling cars in the Netherlands During the past month of October we will find many surprises. The new Volkswagen ID.3 wins. In September we already pointed out that Volkswagen’s new electric car had been reaping incredible sales figures. His records have continued to grow to the top position. This performance shows that, in the Netherlands, electrification is one of the main determining factors when buying a car.

The second place is for the KIA Niro, which in turn, becomes the best-selling SUV in this market. Its 100% electric variant is quite popular. Now, it really stands out as one of the best hybrid SUVs in Europe. And closing the podium, in third place is the Toyota Yaris. The generational change that it has undergone recently has allowed the Toyota utility to increase its registrations significantly.

One of the main victims of these changes that have occurred in the list of best-selling models has been the Volvo XC40, which has fallen several positions. The Ford Fiesta has suffered the same bad luck.

Video test of the Volkswagen ID.3, the best-selling car in the Netherlands in October 2020

Regarding the most popular car brands, there are news at the top of the table. Volkswagen leads followed by Toyota and KIA in second and third positions respectively.

Sales by model

The best-selling cars in the Netherlands are:

RankingModelSales Oct’20Sales 2020 (Jan-Oct) Ranking 2020 (Jan-Oct) 1Volkswagen ID.32.7893.397192KIA Niro1.1989.88113Toyota Yaris9734.515144Opel Corsa8116.62445Hyundai Kona7505.57986Volkswagen60 Polo7148.18406Volkswagen60645.071490ena X6406456706Polkswagen. .171512Ford Fiesta5905.458913Renault Captur5504.3391614Toyota Aygo4904.9361215Polestar 24729828616Opel Crossland X4682.9372917Toyota Corolla4524.0401718Volkswagen Golf4325.730719MINI MINI4073.9551820.31521 Series 340

Sales by brand

The registrations achieved by the manufacturers in the Netherlands are:

RankingMarca Audi1.2079.0881313Hyundai1.1669.6881214SEAT9137.3431615Mazda9025.9041816Citroën7709.0501417Nissan6087.4571518MINI6055.9091719Polestar4729922820Suzuki4475.3821921FIAT4343.6672122Mitsubishi2743.5062223Dacia2331.8522424Morris Garage2011.8532325Porsche1401.6942526Honda1131.0472727Jeep964983128Land Rover731.0772629DS625233030Lexus595642931Tesla464.6592032Smart321203533Jaguar213543234Subaru172343335Alfa Romeo62263436Bentley6753637Ferrari6513738Lamborghini5283839Aston Martin3194040Chrysler134641Maxus134742Morgan174343Alpine0223944Maserati0184145McLaren084246Rolls-Royce054447SsangYong054548Donkervoort034849MAN034950Dodge015051Iveco015152Lancia015253Lotus0153- (other brands) 992.206-