Car insurance in Germany covers the use of the touch screen while driving

Italy was the first European country to sanction drivers who were caught by touching the touch screen while driving. Germany has been behind, and already sanctions this behavior with significant penalties. So much so that even insurers are benefiting from it, with new services to clients.

This is the dashboard of the new CUPRA Formentor. There is no doubt that it is elegant, sporty, very simple and very attractive. In fact, it draws powerfully attention by the large screen that occupies the center console, and in which all the settings have been centralized of the sporty SUV. Although the manufacturers point out that its interface is very easy to use, the path to follow to the relevant configuration requires a few seconds.

Many more if we are not familiar, which it becomes a problem when we drive alone. Controls are missed to regulate the climate control for example. Voice controls are becoming increasingly mandatory, because the increase in accidents caused by distractions is already it’s not just a phone thingmobile. And some car insurance are being taken advantage of, because the use of these screens are not the best example of road safety

Photo Test Mercedes S-Class (W223)The interior of the new Mercedes S-Class features a large screen in the center console

Car insurance in Germany covers negligent situations while driving

Last summer, Germany reformed its highway code and regulations to punish any driver who catches operating the screen. And it premiered in style with the maximum penalty provided and filed against the driver of a Tesla who set out to adjust the frequency of the windscreen wipers on the touch screen, and went off the road crashing into some trees. With no victims to regret, the judge did not hesitate for a minute to consider that the driver ignored the rules of the highway code, despite the weather conditions of the moment.

The standard allows changing the frequency of the wiper blades to improve visibility only in cases where it is required. The problem is that it is long enough for a distraction, and the subsequent accident. But the stipulated penalties are not the biggest problem, up to a month without driving, but the one that is derived with the insurers.

And it is that they are taking advantage of the claims to not take charge of their own or third party damages. Insurers assess damages and sentences, rejecting the case if traffic rules have been breached. It is the general rule, but there are exceptions: if the driver chooses to include these cases in the insurance, which are potentially negligent. That is, if you are sure that you are going to use the touch screen and you are aware that an accident may be caused, it is advisable to hire a package that will cover the damages. If not, it will be your pocket or the bank.

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