Car insurance for days: how does it work and what does it cover?

Having a second car or a leisure vehicle, using public transport, moving in a sustainable way … there are more and more reasons why the insurance model for days is opening a gap in our country, predictably to stay.

It is not for less. It is an efficient solution to ensure the mandatory basic coverage of vehicles for a short period of time (less than 28 days) compared to that specified in the standardized insurance clauses, which mark 1 year as the period of contractual relationship between the insured and the insurer.

And it is that these insurances allow us to comply with the circulation law, since we will be hiring a civil liability insurance with basic coverage mandatory for as short a period as desired, from one day in duration.

Any type of vehicle can be subject to this type of insurance

Once the contracted insurance period has expired, this will extinguish itself and you can decide whether to take out any other insurance or, in the event that your vehicle is not going to circulate, not to invest in it (but be careful with the possible consequences of parking on the street without insurance).

What vehicles can take out insurance for days?

Any vehicle can be subject to this type of insurance. It can be especially interesting in the case of leisure vehicles: quads, boats, cars in second homes, motorhomes, etc., but in the workplace it could be equally useful to have the option of insuring a work vehicle that we use occasionally, such as cranes, tractors, combines, cargo vans, etc.

Any car can be valid for insurance for days, but be very careful with the coverage, which will be very scarce by default.

This does not mean that its use is limited to other vehicles: a car that is used only for long trips or weekend outings, as well as circumstances in which we are going to leave our vehicle at rest for long periods, are reasons why we can consider hiring of this type of insurance.

In the same way, if we plan to sell our vehicle In the weeks following the end of our regular insurance contract, this formula can be beneficial to us.

How do you buy insurance for days?

The requirements to be eligible for these contracts are very simple: be over 21 years old and have at least one year old on the driving license. If we comply with these two points, we can use this type of short-term service. With which, in addition, all the online procedures are carried out and, in many cases, we will have active coverage in a few minutes.

Among its advantages, we have already listed the ease and speed of hiring, and, of course, it has earned its own place in the market thanks to its temporality, which is perfectly adapted to individual needs.

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But we cannot affirm that among its virtues, is the economy. It is not, at all, an option that we should value for its savings potential, but for service. Without a doubt, it will compensate us to pay between € 20 and € 30 a day if we have to take a car that is usually stopped to pass the ITV review or we are going to make a getaway, knowing that, later, the vehicle will be stopped again for a time. For long periods of coverage there are other options, like conventional insurance that has a long history and offers us incentives to insure a vehicle for months or years.


Without a doubt, the weakest point of this type of solution is found in this section. It’s about a basic coverage insurance, what we call “third party”, and will leave any damage to the vehicle itself without coverage (it will not include windows, theft, or fire or any damage caused to the car itself, whether or not there is an accident), it will not be valid outside of Spanish territory and we must take into account that insurance for days do not cover some things that, by default, annual insurance does.

So, before making the decision, we must check the coverage that we will have. For example, legal defense is mandatory inclusion in basic coverage. However, most companies that offer this service have a catalog of optional coverages with extra costs.

In short, daily insurance is a product that had to reach the market and that covers a gap in which all vehicle owners find ourselves at some point, but which will not definitively displace the standardized insurance model current.