A security camera recorded the moment when three people almost lost their lives, after a car hit the establishment

By: Web Writing

Three men managed to escape almost certain death by crashing a car at full speed into a store self-service.

The scene was captured by security cameras at an Amanzimtoti gas station in Durban (South Africa), April 3.

In the clip you can see an employee in the cashier area, along with two customers who are about to pay for their purchases.

After a few seconds, a Volkswagen Golf hits the store, taking the worker ahead and pushing the other two men, who manage to stay on their feet after the crash. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident, while the driver chose to flee the scene.

“The driver filled [el tanque] of gasoline and, when it started, drove straight to our store FreshStop. He abandoned the vehicle and ran away, “revealed the manager of the establishment, Mark Hardman, who noted that the incident was reported to the local police but the agents were unable to open a case because the suspect had fled.