The chilling silhouette was recorded by a security camera when crossing one of the main avenues of Santa Fe

By: Web Writing

The appearance of a supposed ghost walking on an avenue of Argentina during the quarantine It has caused the amazement of thousands of people on the internet.

The event was captured by a security camera in Santa Fe, at the intersection of Avenida Pellegriniat the height of Balcarce.

The curious thing about the material is that the unknown entity took advantage of the fact that the traffic light marked the green light to be able to cross the street.

Through Twitter, people took the video with humor and pointed out that even the ghosts have not followed the necessary measures to avoid the spread of the COVID-19

So far, the video has reached 15,000 views on Twitter.

Che did not fulfill the quarantine … yesterday when Telenoche Rosario closed … a ghost crossed Pellegrini at the height of Balcarce. Look ????

– Juan! (@Yojuanjunco) April 3, 2020