The hit man, leader of a gang of extortionists, is accused of being the author of the crime of the son of a Peruvian politician

By: Web Writing

Peru.- Everything seemed to go normally during the celebration of a baby shower, until the police arrived.

It was last Monday, when elements of the Research Department Criminal (Depincri) of San Juan de Lurigancho broke into a party, which was held despite the pandemic, to arrest the hitman Óscar Romero Cuevas, aka « Kissyfur ».

The man is accused of being the alleged perpetrator of the crime of Carlos Burgos, son of former Mayor Carlos Burgos Horna.

The leader of the gang criminal known as « The New Damned of Bayóvar » was participating in the show of a clown, during the baby shower that he organized his partner, when suddenly the police took over him.

« Stop, police! » Shouted the officers, who subdued the criminal and they took it before the eyes of all the guests.

The assistants to the event thought, at first, that the capture of the sicaro was part of the « show »; however, the event was closed.