Captivated Ana Cheri with flirtatious friends “All for one”

Captivated Ana Cheri with flirtatious friends “All for one” | Instagram

In the company of beautiful women and friends, the beautiful model and businesswoman Ana Cheri is very flirtatious in this new video published.

As in the novel of the three musketeers with his famous phrase “All for one and one for all” it seems that Ana Cheri and company, which in total were 6 including her, seem to honor the phrase.

Without hesitation, more than one of her 12.5 million followers succumbed to each of the models that appeared in the video of the flirtatious celebrity.

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This new line of Cheri will be launched this Sunday, May 16, precisely on her birthday as she had commented days ago in her publications, with these designs you can train and feel flirtatious at the same time.

Although in the video we only see slim girls, Ana Cheri’s designs can be found in various sizes, as she shared at the time where some of her satisfied clients appeared.

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The best of all is that in addition to being six different designs, each one can be found in black as well as a plus there will also be a design in red, this was a great success for the businesswoman due to the variety that she will provide to her buyers.

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