Captivate fans Kimberly Loaiza wearing a plaid outfit!

Captivate fans Kimberly Loaiza wearing a plaid outfit! | Instagram

Perhaps for Kimberly Loaiza it will not be something complicated in the future the impose fashion For his followers, his fame and popularity as a celebrity precede him, so when he shared several photos wearing an impressive plaid outfit, he managed to impress millions.

As you well know a few months ago Kimberly loaiza Known as La Lindura Mayor, she managed to have a collaboration with the company so far at least in Latin America. SHEIN, launched his own clothing line in collaboration with the brand and became even more popular.

In the case of the wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja It has been an arduous road that she has had to go through, especially since she has been criticized on constant occasions, although we know that this comes hand in hand with success.

His name quickly became known not only in Mexico if not in other parts of Latin America, it is precisely for this reason that Loaiza is considered a celebrity because not only has she managed to stand out in the business world with her husband, but also as a content creator, singer and tiktoker, something difficult to achieve in a couple of years.

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Great personalities and influencers of social networks have managed to become examples for the new fashion, of course it also has a lot to do with the fact that important companies seek it out to promote their lines.

It should be noted that not any star that has enough followers will be the spokesperson for fashion houses and important companies that sell clothing and footwear, it is a kind of combination of popularity, size and perhaps even personality.

Kim Loaiza is wearing in the publication she made on Instagram a day ago a two-piece suit that consists of a top and a pleated skirt, in another publication we have already seen her use this type of skirt, it seems that she is promoting a brand because it is already something constant.

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Surely in a few days he will tell about a surprise that he has prepared for everyone, but for now he has managed to surprise more than one with this flirty black and white checkered outfit.

The interpreter of “Do not be jealous“She wears her long straight hair, in addition to white tennis shoes with white socks, surely some of her fans will start to use this type of clothing that is somewhat casual, but nevertheless very flirty and even tender, depending on the colors to be worn.

The publication that consists of four photographs and a video, has so far 2,296,880 like’s, and also more than 15,2 thousand comments where obviously the first is that of her husband and father of her two children Kima and Juanito.

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The place where the photo shoot is being taken is apparently the patio of the house where they are staying in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.

“I love you cuteness” was the description he wrote in the publication, which without hesitation has twice been answered with the same love by his admirers, who are always aware of what the beautiful Instagram star shares so much in this application as in any other of your accounts: Twitter, Youtube and Tiktok.

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Obviously among the first comments we find those of her closest friends and one that also attracted a lot of attention was that of the Mexican model Yanet García who is also known as the former weather girl in the Hoy program, where Kimberly Loaiza had the opportunity After participating a few months ago, perhaps that visit was where he made friends with the beautiful model and fitness coach.

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