The Captain Marvel character has faced many enemies over the years, but none was stranger than two giant dinosaurs that appeared out of nowhere in New York.

Out of all the Avengers, no doubt Captain MarveHe is one of the most powerful. In fact it almost defeated Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. Its strength is so enormous that it is capable of defeating a dinosaur with one punch. As it could be verified when two of these prehistoric animals appeared by surprise in the center of New York.

In Captain Marvel # 9 written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and drawn by Filipe Andrade, Carol Danvers He faces one of his weirdest and most unexpected fights yet. She starts the day already having a headache to deal with, and jokes that it gets worse when Hombre de Hierro hack your phone to change your plans. The jokes between Tony Stark and Captain Marvel are not surprising as they have a friendship that goes back many years. Having helped each other fight their personal demons because of alcoholism.

After the conversation with Tony Stark ends, Danvers can finally get on with his day and take Chewie to the vet, or so she thinks. Out of nowhere, two giant T-Rex appear in the middle of the street fighting each other. After handing her cat over to a complete stranger to keep him safe, Carol is forced to abandon her busy schedule to go and punch the Cretaceous creatures in the face.

During the battle with the dinosaurs, it is revealed that he was supposed to meet Jessica Drew, who appears in her Spider-Woman outfit to help.

With the explosion of electric poison from Drew and the powerful blows of the Captain Marvel Combined, the pair manages to shoot down the dinosaurs and leave the corpses to be guarded by a team of officers. Having to fight a T-Rex it’s just one of the many weird things that happened to Captain Marvel over the years.

Worst of all, this Captain Marvel comic never solved the mystery of where the dinosaurs had come from. Had someone created them genetically like in Jurassic Park? Had they been brought from a past more than 79,000,000 years ago? Did they belong to the Wild Lands? We may never know.