Captain America, best costumes in movies and comics

Captain America

The Captain America It will turn 80 in 2021 (it debuted in 1941 with the number 1 of Captain America Comics), and in these eight decades, the classic suit Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s has stuck to its most basic elements, but there have also been designs that seemed out of place (often on purpose), turning 180 degrees and even changing the character in the process. Let’s see the best in the history of cinema and comics, now that the return to the role by Chris Evans is not yet confirmed, and that ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ ​​have presented us the latest version.

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1 Commander America

One of the funniest aspects of reading old comics is taking a look at what the creators of the time thought could be a credible glimpse of the distant twenty-second century. And the shoulder pads.

2 Secret Empire

An especially controversial story that made Steve Rogers a fascist dictator of Hydra thanks to the machinations of the Red Skull. Part of what made the concept and story so shocking was seeing Steve Rogers do terrible things in the guise of Captain America, which made it even more awkward.

3 Yeoman America

Legendary artist George Pérez is known for his eye for detail and wide paneling and page layouts, a philosophy that has extended to his distinctive costume designs, including this fun concept worn by Captain America (who was called Yeoman America in history) in one of Perez and writer Kurt Busiek’s early 90s Avengers adventures.

4 Captain America 2099

In the year 2099 (or in Doom 2099 # 33 of 1993, to be exact) Steve Rogers will be cloned with a personality constructed from a mythical version of Captain America to serve as a replacement for former President Doctor Doom.

In this inevitable future, this cloned Steve will receive a new and improved wardrobe consisting mainly of a jacket that Crusher Creel would have worn to a boxing match with an inflatable mascot from a car dealership.

5 Earth X and Paradise X

Alex Ross, Jim Kreuger and John Paul Leondeja’s 1999 dystopian limited series Earth X a Cap in alternate future history is pretty cool, with a torn American flag wrapping around the shattered remains of his classic suit. It is a powerful metaphor for the destiny of ideals that Captain America has represented. On the other hand, the Captain’s back suit, introduced in the 2002 sequel Paraíso X, is pure and pure comic book creativity poured onto the page with crazy results.

6 Nomad

The first time Steve Rogers left his identity as Captain America (in Captain America and the Falcon # 180, the story that eventually laid the groundwork for Sam Wilson to become the Cap), he got off the hook with his design. suit, putting all the skills from his then job as a “professional comic book artist” to put together this amazing set of outfit decisions for his new “nomadic” superhero identity. The design is pure muscle.

7 Reb Brown

In the 1970s, Marvel was going through a moment of great popularity on television, with Bill Bixby’s Incredible Hulk and Lou Ferrigno and Nicolas Hammond’s Spiderman series. Maybe that’s why they decided to give old Captain America a couple of feature films on the small screen, he’s played by Reb Brown, in this dazzling star-stunt suit.

8 Armor 90 ‘

Many of you lived through the ’90s, and underwent “extreme” makeovers, as did many superheroes of the time. But how many of your wild ’90s looks included personal combat armor designed to hold your battered body together?

9 Mutant X

Mutant X is an unknown gem from the late 90s and early 00s that envisioned a totally different version of the Marvel Universe. There were numerous versions of popular heroes, including this unconventional version of Captain America, which flipped many of the classic elements of his costume (literally, in the case of the horizontal stripes on his chest, an element shared by other designs of the game). Captain America who came after).

10 The Punisher

What if the Punisher became Captain America?

Well, according to the book What If? # 51, If ​​Frank Castle were to become Captain America instead of Steve Rogers, Steve would be a cyborg named the Captain and would wear this absolutely banal ensemble. The costume is intended to totally separate Steve from the classic Cap costume worn by Frank Castle in the story, but it has the added bonus of being completely wacky, with a garish color scheme and giant wings on the head that may or may not grant the power to fly.

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