Capcom launches collectible tokens of the legendary game Street Fighter

Key facts:

The first series consists of 262 unique cards and 6 special effects.

Fighters like Ryu, Chun Li, Nash, and Ken have evolved from the arcade world to the blockchain.

The fighting game Street Fighter is turning 30 years since it was released in the arcade version and to celebrate the anniversary of its most awarded work, the Japanese developer Capcom is bringing its characters to the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) blockchain.

The official launch of Street Fighter’s collectible digital cards or non-fungible tokens (NFT) took place today, Thursday, February 18. The sale of the 262 unique cards will be for a limited time so it will close on February 19 at 12 pm.

The collectible tokens represent several of the famous characters from one of the highest grossing video games of all time. A) Yes, fans can select from their favorite fighters, including Chun Li, Nash, Ken. Blanka, Dhalsim and others.

This series of digital cards are designed in standard format, that is, as portrait type collectible cards, but can be transformed into special cards with effects or animated backgrounds, which makes them 8 different types of rarities.

In December, WAX already converted the famed Bratz doll brand into collectible tokens and now continues to add partnerships with companies that already have thousands of fans. Capcom, for example, revolutionized the video game industry by moving from arcades to console games. It has also been successful on the big screen and in many other media.

Famous people like Ryu, Chun Li, and Nash are part of the first series of Street Fighter collectible tokens. Source:

Street Fighter: from the arcade to the blockchain

With their partnership, Capcom and Wax have plans for Street Fighter that go beyond turning their characters into collectible tokens. This is because from now on the fans they can take various actions to convert their standard tokens into rarities, adding more value to your collection.

It all starts with acquiring the standard 10-card packs. Starting from there, fans will be able to exchange or sell them, then whoever manages to combine two identical cards will have the right to unlock one of the 8 special effects. Subsequently can give their rare cards power points when purchasing additional card packs. Upon reaching a power of five points, you will be entitled to unlock a new special class card.

The NFT market gained momentum in 2020 by doubling its market capitalization relative to 2019, topping $ 300 million. Now in 2021 the market for non-fungible tokens is poised to take a new momentum according to a study that analyzes the sector, published by the platform.

A reflection of how economic activity is moving in the virtual worlds of game tokens and collectibles was the sale of nine plots of the Ethereum-based collectible game Axie Infinity. As reported by CriptoNoticias, these were sold for 888 Ethers (about USD 1.7 million). It was the first time in the history of blockchains that such a large sum was offered by a few NFTs.