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The transition to the digital format is proving faster than expected in video games, especially since it is on distribution platforms where offers are constantly found, something that is not so common in the retail model based on Physical format. For years it has been thought that discs have their days numbered in video games and if the largest companies decide to lean towards digital this will be a reality, as Capcom revealed.

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During its annual meeting with investors, Capcom revealed that its most recent sales record indicates that 80% of them have been in digital format, a figure that has surprised the company as it did not expect this transition to occur so soon, especially because in 2019 its digital sales represented 53% of the total. In that sense, Capcom has not taken this lightly and the coldness of the numbers already makes the company think of a mostly digital approach, leaving only a small percentage of physical distribution for those players who prefer this format.

In this regard, Capcom noted: « Although, ultimately, it depends on how our customers behave in the future, for the moment we are promoting our digital strategy with a 90% objective, since there are some customers who prefer to have discs. Our goal is to continue to expand the performance of our business by maximizing the benefits of digital sales, which include the ability to provide our content for longer periods than worldwide. « 

What’s your opinion about it? Will physical editions become a rare item in a few years?

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