The Italian-Venezuelan singer-songwriter Yordano returned to the ring on Friday with “After all”, his first production after an intense fight with bone marrow cancer that subjected him to years of chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, complex treatments, complications and a barrage of drugs, until in January he announced that he had defeated him.

“I don’t know if it will be my best album, but it is the most important … because we managed to make it happen after all and despite all the obstacles,” Yordano said in an interview with The Associated Press in New York, where he moved to. several years ago for his medical treatment.

He started working on the project five years ago, just a few months after Yordano’s transplant, when Yordano “was weak on one hand and very vulnerable mentally.”

“He didn’t have the energy, but he did have the songs and he was composing,” said the artist. So at the beginning the Venezuelan musician José Luis “Cheo” Pardo, ex-guitarist of the acid jazz and funk group Los Amigos Invisibles, as co-producer and arranger of the album, took on a large part of the work, and as he got better “he was balancing a little plus the weight ”.

Pardo, whose influence can be felt in songs like “Once Again” and “How cute you see yourself,” also appears in the video for “After All,” starring Yordano and his wife and manager, Yuri Bastidas, and directed by Isaac. Bencid and Mauricio Rodríguez (all Venezuelans).

Filmed in January between Brooklyn and Manhattan, the clip follows the couple in different locations and situations – she at times practicing ballet or looking at the river with anguish and nostalgia – until both find peace in a warm embrace.

“It is everything that Yuri and I went through, what I went through and what she went through, because there is a difference,” said Yordano, explaining that while he was on the verge of death several times in an induced coma, she was suffering the anguish and uncertainty.

The experience led him to accept that one cannot alone, he said, to leave pain and anger behind and embrace his vulnerability.

As the first stanza says: “After all, in the fury of the moment / the regrets were lost and I don’t know if it was in the wind / After all, I no longer carry my armor / I left it with my bitterness and my sanity suits “

+ Bachata rocked?

Among other titles on the album are “Allá iré”, a song with a flavor of the Caribbean coast dedicated to the Venezuelan diaspora (“in this case my daughter and my granddaughters, directly,” Yordano said); the rocky bachata “Yo que te di”, and “Bailando en la jungla”, a fusion of rock with the Caribbean, blues and soul that he qualified as one of his most original.

On Friday, Pardo published the album cover on his Instagram account with a caption about his experience working with the musician: “I was in the studio, doing what I like to do the most, I gave REC (record) to the computer. That man started singing and my tears started to flow. So without further ado, I realized that it was not the neighbor who was in the studio: it was a legend. ”

“After all” is the 14th album with unpublished material from Yordano, who has also released live albums, compilations of hits and a tour of his career accompanied by artists such as Franco De Vita, Ricardo Montaner, Carlos Vives, Kany García and others. , “The train of returns”, nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2017.

It comes amid the coronavirus pandemic, which surprised them during their last tour of Europe. The couple managed to catch their flight back to New York shortly before restrictions were tightened.

“We got to home, like in baseball, sliding, that’s how we got there,” said Yordano. “And how lucky we were!” He added, recounting that his last night had been spent with old friends who after a few days found out that they were infected.

For having his immune system compromised and “a certain age”, the 68-year-old singer-songwriter said he had a terrible scare. “But hey, he didn’t give us. We have to keep taking care of ourselves and waiting for this curse to come out. ”

The next single from the album will be “Para qué llorar”, a ranchera with elements from Rolling Stones or, as he said with a laugh, something like “Juan Gabriel with Keith Richards”.