Can’t see the images in your gallery? These may be the solutions

The instant messaging application is a great tool for exchanging multimedia files.

WhatsApp transformed the communications of users today, since before it was thought that the only codes were the text or the spoken word, and today a person can send videos, audios, images, among other types of files.

All these files leave some record on the cell phone either in specific folders or in the gallery of the mobile device.

However, if these files are not registered within the cell phone, it is possible that there is a fault in the configuration of the smartphone and then we will tell you what it is.

Adjust WhatsApp

On Android, if you download a photo or video from WhatsApp, it will automatically be available in your phone’s gallery app. It doesn’t matter if you have a phone from Pixel, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi or any other brand, WhatsApp images will be visible in the gallery.

To protect your privacy, WhatsApp launched a new feature for Android known as multimedia visibility that hides downloaded images from the gallery. Therefore, if your WhatsApp images or videos are not visible in the gallery, this setting could be responsible.

There are two ways to change settings: for all contacts or enable for individual contacts.

NOTE: By enabling the Media Visibility option, previously hidden files using this feature will not become visible. It works only for new images and videos. To show hidden media, use the following method.

Step by step to enable visibility

Open WhatsApp and tap on the three-dot icon at the top. Select Settings
Tap on Chats. Slide your finger on the switch next to Media visibility. It will turn green. Now, all the new media files that you download from any contact will be visible in your gallery.

Nomedia Archive

Another way to make hidden WhatsApp files visible in gallery app is to delete .nomedia file. If a folder contains the .nomedia file in it, its files will not show up in other applications. Therefore, you must remove this file.

To do this, start the File Manager application on your phone. Next, go to your Settings or tap on the three-dot icon. Select Show hidden files.

Change in the name of the WhatsApp image folder

For that, go to WhatsApp> Media folder using your phone’s file explorer app. If you see a period (.) Before the name of the WhatsApp Images or Video folder, it means that the folder is hidden. You must rename the folder to remove the period from it. Once you do, open the gallery app and start enjoying the images.