Can’t make an appointment at the SAT? This could be the reason

No matter how hard you try, you can’t make an appointment at the Tax Administration Service (SAT)? This could have an explanation since Raquel Buenrostro, head of the agency, announced that they detected « robots » in their system to grant appointments related to accounting firms.

During the morning conference on Friday, which is headed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the National Palace, the head said that they detected that the offices « monopolized » all the appointments and then sold them to those interested, all this with the help of SAT officials .

The sale of appointments was detected more frequently in Jalisco and Nuevo León, for this reason, Raquel Buenrostro assured that before this, they installed new security measures. This situation resulted in taxpayers complaining about the saturation that existed in the appointment of appointments.

But the problem does not end there, since the head of the SAT said that in the same way they detected a « boycott » coming from the telephone system to request an appointment with the Service. The measures they took in that case was to end the relationship they had with a call center, which they also described as « abusive » due to the amount they charge for their services.

He also stated that they detected that a company blocked telephone numbers on the switches, which resulted in saturation of the lines, but they are already seeing how they can deactivate them.

Finally, Raquel Buenrostro called on taxpayers who need to schedule an appointment, to use the other means available to do so, for example, by email or telephone.

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