Cannes film market will arrive in CDMX

For the first time in its eleven years of life, the largest film market in Latin America – organized by the commercial counterpart of the prestigious Cannes Festival – will cease to be centralized in Argentina and will expand to four other countries in the region, as well as three nations European. In its 2020 edition, the great event South Window will be hosted by the following cities in the world: Madrid, Rome, Paris, São Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá and the Mexico City.

South Window is an annual showcase to “promote international co-production, financing and distribution” of Latin American film productions and projects. Its launch in 2009 was possible thanks to a partnership between the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) of Argentina and the Marché du Film of the Cannes Festival.

Its first eleven editions (face-to-face) took place in Buenos Aires, but in the current pandemic context that restricts flights between Europe and Latin America, Ventana Sur had to reinvent itself without denying attendees the opportunity to discover its film offerings through the big screen.

“Traditionally, we have guided distributors to films, but now we will bring films to distributors. Currently, we have no other option »said Jérôme Paillard, director of the Marché du Film and co-director of Ventana Sur 2020 (via Variety).

Until the first week of November, Argentina was still in a phase of isolation due to the health contingency, which made it impossible for the South American nation to be even one of the headquarters of the renewed film market. As we pointed out lines above, the post was then divided among seven countries; Mexico is one of the territories that will host face-to-face screenings of films selected for Ventana Sur 2020, as a complement to online screenings. It should be noted that programming is intended only for accredited industry representatives.

The event will be held in the CDMX between Monday, November 30 and Thursday, December 3 of this year. The complex Cinépolis Diana (located in the downtown area of ​​the capital) was chosen as the official exhibition venue, for which it will host “European world premieres and Latin American market premieres,” as stated in an invitation issued to producers, distributors, programmers of national film festivals, exhibitors and sales agents.

Within the seven participating cities, the local schedule for each day of activities will be from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. Therefore, the recent measures adopted by the government of Mexico City in the face of outbreaks of COVID-19 (cinemas open only until seven at night) should not be an obstacle to face-to-face performances at Cinépolis Diana.

Enter here to learn more details about the film market South Window 2020, as well as the selection of projects corresponding to the different categories that make up this mega-diverse showcase, including Primer Corte (Latin American fictions in post-production stage) and Blood Window (fantastic cinema).

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