Cañizares confesses the truth about his departure from Movistar +

On July 22, Santi Cañizares He surprised his followers by announcing that he was leaving Movistar + after 13 seasons as a commentator. “Our paths today separate. I only have words of gratitude to the people who allowed me to have a way of life that generated prestige and enthusiasm for me. “, Wrote who was the best goalkeeper in the history of Valencia CF and one of the best in the world.

Cañizares returns to the charge after a new controversy related to Valencia CF

Now, a week later, he took advantage of his YouTube channel to clarify relatively what happened: “It was not my decision not to continue at Movistar +. They notified me that they had changed plans. A new director enters the chain and decides to change the faces of the channel a bit and decides to make changes in which I am not, “said Santi Cañizares in the video.

“Was I surprised or not? I’m not going to tell the truth in this case. Since I can’t tell lies, well I draw a thick veil to that question “, He said. “Even during the 18 months that I had my son ill with a tragic ending, I barely missed four or five weekends, I think I remember. Although it was not easy to get in front of a camera, in a complicated mental situation, I felt that I had to do that effort, above all, for my family and also for the company. And I am proud to have done it “, expressed emotionally Santiago Cañizares.

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