Canelo vs Saunders: Canelo was clearly winning on the cards before Saunders decided not to go out for the ninth

The Canelo vs Saunders cards: the Mexican was winning unanimously. Getty Images

Billy Joe Saunders was much ado about nothing. The British spoke that he was going to finish off the Mexican, that he was not going to hurt him, but the opposite happened.

The Mexican finished it in eight rounds.Saunders, with his right eye closed, decided not to go out and the story is over: the Mexican has a new super middleweight belt.

The fight ends after eight rounds per Technical KO, but having continued, the British had it practically lost on the cards, since the three judges had victory for the Mexican by several rounds.

Glenn Feldman and Max Deluca were 78-74 for Canelo, while Tim Cheatham was the one who saw it more evenly, 77-75.

Everybody see Saunders winning the first round and the fifth, with Cheatham giving the British seventh, in the only difference in points before the fight ended.

The Mexican had a four- and three-round lead, so the only way for Saunders to win was by finishing on the fast track, because there were few options left in the points.

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