Canelo Álvarez saved the life of a politician in Mexico

Violence in Mexico continues to rise and politicians are not oblivious to this fact, such is the case of the PRI candidate for the municipal presidency of Morelia, Guillermo “Memo” Valencia, who said that thanks to the boxer, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, is still alive, this after one of his campaign vans were shot by organized crime.

Last weekend Guillermo “Memo” Valencia, he was close to losing his life, but, thanks to watching the fight between Canelo and BJ Saunders, the PRI candidate was not present when an armed group attacked one of his trucks.

According to the facts the PRI candidate revealed that he accepted an invitation from a friend so they could see the fight of Canelo and Saunders.

“Memo” Valencia arrived at his friend’s house in one of his field vans, minutes later he ordered that said transport leave the place since it had campaign banners.

“It was something perfectly planned and orchestrated in what they wanted to take my life, I am alive thanks to Canelo “

On the way back from the truck, an armed group began to attack her, causing damage to the vehicle and two people injured.

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