Candle Mysteries Turn D&D Adventurers Into Sherlocks

Wizards of the Coast pulls the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons out of the dungeon and into the living room with Candlekeep Mysteries, a new book full of one-hit mystery adventures.

In stores and on digital platforms on March 16, this new supplement is a resource for Dungeon Masters that contains seventeen ready-to-play mystery-themed adventures. Each of them is designed as a stand-alone experience, or could be inserted into larger campaigns for a change of pace. This new tome follows in the footsteps of Tales From the Yawning Portal or Dungeon Del ve of the fourth edition, as practical resources of adventures prepared for new players or DMs in a hurry.

A loose frame connects the sessions with the famous Candlekeep library in Forgotten Realms, the popular D&D setting. New monsters and magic items will be placed throughout, as well as potential story hooks to continue beyond the mystery or connect with larger campaigns.

Candlekeep Mysteries is written not just by Wizards of the Coast staff, but by various creators in the D&D community, including:

Graeme Barber (@POCGamer) Kelly Lynne DâAngelo (@kellynnedang) Alison Huang (@Drazillion) Mark Hulmes (@sherlock_hulmes) Jennifer Kretchmer (@dreamwisp) Daniel Kwan (@danielhkwan) Adam Lee (@adamofadventure) Ari Levitch (@AriLevitch) Madsen (@UnfetteredMuse) Christopher Perkins (@ChrisPerkinsDnD) Michael Polkinghorn (@MiketheGoalie) Taymoor Rehman (@DarkestCrows) Derek Ruiz (@ElvenTower) Kienna Shaw (@kiennas) Brandes Stoddard (@BrandesStoddard) @ Amy Vorpalslowword (Toni Vorpahllowword) Brill (@vorgryth)

« I got started in the gaming industry writing short D&D adventures, » said D&D lead designer Chris Perkins. â ?? I am grateful to be able to work on a product that gives other authors the same opportunity. The adventures in this anthology reflect the incredible creativity of the D&D community. « 

Candlekeep Mysteries is on sale everywhere March 16 with a standard Clint Cearley cover. As always, a special alternate cover will be available in game stores featuring art by Simen Meyer. Both editions retail for $ 49.99.