Candidacy of Félix Salgado, in the hands of feminists of Morena

Liliana padilla

Mexico City / 02.22.2021 03:05:05

The Honesty and Justice Commission of Brunette will make public in the coming days the definition of the destiny of the candidacy of Félix Salgado Macedonio as flag bearer to the Guerrero government, and of its five members, three are assumed to be feminists.

Eloísa Vivanco, Donají Alba and Zazil Carreras they present themselves as feminists and activists. The latter was the one who requested to open the ex officio complaint against the licensed senator, after the complaints filed for alleged rape against at least three women.

Eloísa Vivanco, who heads this commission, is a state councilor in Puebla and in her profile is presented as activist and feminist. She is the mother of the mayor of Puebla, Claudia rivera.

Donají Alba She was an official in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office and aspiring general secretary of the party. She is close to the senator Ricardo Monreal and in the internal campaign he came out in favor of Mario Delgado.

Alejandro Viedma He has a master’s degree in government and worked with Horacio Duarte when he was Morena’s representative before the INE. He is the founder of the party, as is Vladimir Ríos, who has been a member of the Honesty and Justice Commission since its creation, as he was a collaborator of its first president, Hector Diaz Polanco.

The vote that was given to initiate the process against Salgado Macedonio was by majority of votes but not unanimous; however, it was not announced who did not come out in favor.

In addition to the ex officio complaint there is another procedure against the candidate for governor of Warrior, derived from the request you made directly Basilia ‘N’, one of the alleged victims of Salgado Macedonio, who had to prove his membership in the party so that he could be received in court.

The three members of the CNHJ who signed the agreement to initiate the complaint ex officio, including its president, Eloísa Vivanco, determined that “based on the attitudes that have been denounced, carried out by Félix Salgado Macedonio, we can affirm that they would not only against our internal regulations, but would violate the human rights of the alleged victims, having been committed under the protection of a power relationship derived from their functions as a politician or public servant, which also violates the program of our match ».

In addition, that « it is intended to demonstrate the violence exercised against women and the bad reputation of the defendant today, as well as the media damage caused to Morena. »

This body that was recently renovated is the one that processes the complaints of the Morena militants, derived from party activity.