The organizers have sold the rights to Palexpo SA

The latter are the managers of the facilities where the exhibition is held

The Geneva Motor Show next year is not going to be held due to the doubts that manufacturers have about coming to the health crisis. The organizers have also sold the rights to the exhibition to Palexpo SA, who are the managers of the facilities where the event is normally held.

The organizers of the Geneva Motor Show, the ‘Salon International de l’Automobile’ foundation, has decided that it will not organize the event in 2021 after having to cancel this year’s edition due to the coronavirus. They also sell their rights to Palexpo SA, which is the company that manages the exhibition hall where the car show has taken place so far.

The reason for this decision lies in the intention of many of the exhibitors of not participate in the classroom next year, as confirmed by its organizer until now, which has nonetheless assured that manufacturers show a good predisposition towards 2022.

The coronavirus pandemic has also weighed on this resignation, since the foundation is not seen with the ability to ensure that the health situation It will allow to organize an event that attracts more than 600,000 people among visitors, brand members, facility workers and journalists.

He Geneva Motor Show It is the largest event that is organized annually in Switzerland and leaves an impact of about 190 million euros. The organizers have suffered losses of 10.3 million euros after canceling the 2020 edition a few days before its start. In fact, they requested a loan from the Swiss Government, but its approval depended on starting to repay it from June 2021, which forced the exhibition to be held in 2021, something that will not happen, so the loan is not I agree.

The sale of the rights to Palexpo SA It seeks, according to the foundation, to ensure the future of the Geneva Motor Show. They will be the first to decide whether to celebrate it again and, if they do, see if they maintain the traditional format.

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