Canal Sur, the Andalusian television, announces the launch of its own “Netflix”

The first quarter of 2021 is the date chosen by South Channel to launch their own on-demand content platform, which they have described as “the Netflix of Canal Sur.” This is stated by the director of RTVA, Juande Mellado in an interview in the newspaper ABC.

Actually, what Canal Sur will offer is content similar to that of RTVE, that is, its entire television schedule to be viewed at any time and from anywhere. Implementation is scheduled for early 2021 and it would not be the only novelty to arrive.

Both the new programs and the archive programs will be available to all those users who want to enjoy the content offered on RTVA. This novelty would promote consumption audiovisual and it would improve the visualization of the same when the television schedule is a problem for the spectators.

Content on demand from anywhere

Canal Sur - RTVA - AndalusiaCanal Sur – RTVA – Andalusia

The next objective of Canal Sur is to be able to offer all its content in a file that all users who want to relive a series or program of the chain have access to.

Visualization could be encompassed on mobile devices and not just reside in a desktop web environment. Thanks to this, the multimedia consumption of Canal Sur would be facilitated, not only in its television section, but also in the radiophonic.

For the latter, Juande Mellado stated that they will invest in a platform of Podcasts to get the content to all users who want to follow the radio news at some point. This will offer the user the advantage of listening to their favorite program without depending on a fixed schedule.

Canal Sur modernizes its content infrastructure

The regional chain meets 31 years of life at the service of Andalusians in a traditional way so to speak. Technological advances are currently a priority to offer better content and above all, available at any time and from anywhere.

Thanks to this, we will have at our disposal current content to be listened to at another time that is more feasible for the listener. Without a doubt, a clear statement of intent to modernize a RTVA technologically stagnant, which will receive 8 million euros for this purpose.

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