Canal and dam overflow in Hidalgo; 15 homes affected

SANTIAGO TULANTEPEC.- At least 15 homes were affected after the overflow of a canal and a dam, registered in two municipalities in the state of Hidalgo due to the rains that have hit this entity in the last hours.

According to municipal authorities, the upper part of the Santiago Tulantepec municipality was affected due to heavy rains, causing the Sangre de Cristo dam to overflow, damaging more than 15 homes.

Given the events, Firefighters and Civil Protection, Citizen Security and administration personnel went to the affected areas to support those affected.

Likewise, Public Works personnel toured the area to review the collateral effects.

For its part, in Zempoala the overflow of the channel that crosses the Santo Tomás – Santa María highway was reported, in front of the Tochatlaco farm, where the water from the flow entered.

The site was attended by public security elements who supported the residents who live in nearby areas, as well as motorists who were stranded while trying to cross the road.

So far, authorities have not confirmed the record of people injured as a result of the meteorological phenomenon that also impacted the southern colonies of Pachuca, including the Juan C. Doria subdivision, where the water rose 15 centimeters, making it difficult for cars and pedestrians to pass. .

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