Military personnel stationed in nursing homes in Canada witnessed abuse and poor hygiene despite the COVID-19 pandemic

The canadian army He denounced to the authorities of the country the “horrible” conditions in which they found several nursing homes affected by the COVID-19 in Ontario, with dead people, sick people without care and careless residents for weeks.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, stated that the content of the report, which was released on Tuesday, although it was released to the authorities over the weekend, “is deeply disturbing

For his part, the head of the Government of the province of Ontario, Doug Fordsaid that “the reports they have provided us with are devastating, are hideous, it is incredible that this can happen in Canada ”.

Ford added that “reading these reports is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do as Prime Minister” from the province.

The Canadian government allocated in April to hundreds of military to five nursing homes in Ontario and 25 in Quebec suffering outbreaks of COVID-19, to assist staff and help decontaminate the facilities in which dozens of people died.

As witnessed by military personnel, the employees of the institutions did not rule out dirty gloves and masks After caring for sick residents with COVID-19, they sometimes took hours to assist residents and allowed sick COVID-19 to mix with healthy people.

Military personnel also witnessed cases of brutality, abuse, cruelty, and obvious signs of poor hygiene. Insect pests such as cockroaches, flies and ants were discovered in some facilities.

The official death toll from COVID-19 in Ontario stood at 2,123 people on Tuesday. Of this number, 1,538, 72.5 percent of the total, died in nursing homes and care.

At least five deaths have occurred in the five Ontario residences intervened by the military authorities.

Ontario authorities said they will launch a independent commission of inquiry on the situation of the residences while Ford assured that “justice” would be done. Ford has asked forensic authorities to conduct their own investigation to determine if there is evidence of crime.

The military authorities are preparing a similar report on the situation in the province of quebec, in which to date 4,139 people have died, also mostly in nursing homes.

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