Can you send an SMS to a landline phone?

The use of SMS is well known among cell phones, but… is it possible to send these messages to a landline phone?

Before the arrival of smartphones, SMS messages were one of the main ways to communicate from a mobile phone, but with the advancement of technology, that situation has changed, although there are still people who often use them.

Such is the case of those people who do not have a cell phone with systems such as Android and iOS, so they are forced to send SMS messages.

As mentioned above, this messaging function is used between mobile devices, but it is also possible to send SMS messages to a landline phone.

How to send an SMS to a landline phone?

First you must bear in mind that SMS messages are not compatible with all operators, so it may not always work for you when you try to send one.

In the case of a landline number, you are going to send the message as you usually do to a cell phone, but yes, it is possible that the mobile operator’s rate is a little higher, everything will depend on the operator you use.

When the person receives an SMS to their landline, when they answer, they will hear the number of the mobile that has sent the message first, and then the SMS will be played as a voice message.

There are operators that convert SMS into voice messages so that they can listen to them, but there are others that do not support this type of message.