Can you imagine what Jeep is up to with these teasers? We do …

New Jeep Gladiator PHEV Plug-in Hybrid teaser

The SUV’s fashion has helped the all terrain increase your market share worldwide. This benefit, of course, has not been free, because along the way they have had to give up part of your personality. We see it on the path that many manufacturers have followed when it comes to renewing their more off-road models. But not only that, since they have also been the finishing touch so that another handful end up leaving the market without making a noise.

Jeep is one of the firms that is better holding the stakes of the acclaimed SUV’s. It is not strange, since its range, in addition to having one of the best all-terrain in the world, increasingly offers more all roads. Still, he cannot rest on his laurels, as rival manufacturers such as Ford or General Motors are not going to make things very easy for him. Here’s how we got to where we are today: posting miscellaneous teasers without opening your mouth …

Jeep might be thinking of a Wrangler with higher ground clearance. Would that be 40.4 inches?

Jeep 40.4 teaser

Jeep 40.4 teaser

If you do a bit of memory you will remember that a few days ago we talked about a mysterious jeep teaser. In that photo you could see the interior cabin of what looked like a Wrangler or Gladiator. Then, fans of the brand and these models scrutinized the image to announce that we would be before the PHEV version of the pick up. Well, now the firm returns to the load with the publication of another image that, now, does not seem to say anything.

However, it is not so much so, but we could be facing a declaration of intent. Yes, because on the sign you see a first-generation Willys and a number. Everything seems to indicate that the successor of the mythical TT, our Wrangler, could have a new electrified version. Yes, because the current Wrangler 4xe It has a range in electric mode of 22 miles and this could be almost double. But it is not the only possibility …

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We could also be before the data that announces the arrival of a battery with higher energy capacity. To be more exact, an accumulator that has 40.4 kWh and that would be located under the seats in the second row. We can deduce this by the arrow that appears on the sign and that, right next to the numbering, points towards this area of ​​the vehicle. If so, the autonomy would be much greater than the 65 kilometers that we indicated above.

Finally, we will tell you the craziest rumor. Several sources indicate that we could be facing a Tallest Wrangler. This figure would come in inches, so we would be facing a monster with more than 1 meter of ground clearance. This is a lot for a series model, although who knows, we are still facing an extreme prototype. Be that as it may, the only thing left is to be patient, because it seems that Jeep will keep quiet longer.

Source – Jeep by Twitter

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