Can social distancing weaken the immune system?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to distance ourselves from our loved ones. In addition to the emotional effect, Can this affect our state of health in general?

According to Yale University, the answer is no.

It is likely that there are those out there who say that Lack of contact or coexistence with other people can weaken the immune system, since we are not in active contact with other germs, viruses or bacteria.

However, although we are spending practically 24 hours at home, our body continues to respond to these microorganisms that also inhabit indoors and outdoors.

“We are constantly exposed to microbes,” said Akiko Iwasaki, an immune system researcher at Yale University. “Our immune system is always active.”

The effects of childhood vaccines and built-up immunity are also long-lasting, Iwasaki explained, and they don’t go away overnight by keeping us away from people during the pandemic.

The experts also indicated that, those who seek to strengthen their immune system in these times, should put into practice healthy habits, how to control stress levels, eat healthy, exercise and sleep at least 8 hours.