Can Lady Loki, or Sylvie, control Loki’s mind?

The Disney + Loki series does not lose the ability to surprise. Until now, it is not very clear what is the goal of Sylvie, the most dangerous variant of Loki, or even who he really is. The series keeps its secrets well and one of them is the identity of the staunch enemy of the TVA.

For now, the only real thing in the whole storyline is that the series is struggling to showcase Loki’s powers. Both its male and female version? Another question that the argument refuses to reveal or at least immediately. What he has made clear is several things at once.

First of all, what Loki has an arsenal of powers increasingly complex, inherent in nature and capabilities. And the other thing is that Sylvie also has them, but she also does something more dangerous: she is able to establish direct mental control over those around her.

Which leads us to wonder if that mind control extends only to the TVA soldiers, or to Loki himself as well. Is it possible that Loki may have been manipulated throughout chapter three by his most dangerous variant? Can this strange, timeless and undoubtedly convenient interlude between action and Sylvie’s plan be an illusion?

Who is the most dangerous variant of Loki?

The Loki series has been careful when giving details about Sylvie. That’s despite letting slip a scene in chapter 2 that can be clearly read that identifies herself as Sylvie Laufeydottir. The last name is the same as Loki’s, so it can be assumed that it is the same character in a female body in another timeline. Or not?

Many of the fans have pointed out that although he may have the same last name, there are several reasons to think that he is not Lady Loki. From the physical aspect, to his powers, it seems more than clear that Marvel is playing more or less intentionally with the character. But beyond a point of claim of the argument, it is about something more important. Revealing who the most dangerous variant is could prove its powers. And especially, what is its influence on the plot.

In Marvel Studios’ Loki, the fickle villain Loki (Tom Hiddleston) reprises his role as the God of Deception in a new series that takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Kate Herron is directing it and Michael Waldron is the main screenwriter.

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Over and over again, the questions pile up around the character. But to all of Loki’s attempts to check the situation, Sylvie has responded unclearly. In fact, throughout chapter three, he has been limited to taking information from Loki and observing what he can – or cannot – do. And what is more important, analyze their behavior. Is Sylvie attempting a move or has she already made it?

How important is it to clarify if it is Lady Loki or Sylvie? Not only did they both have different powers, but Sylvie’s mind control would also work on Loki. Which brings us to the next question.

Why does Sylvie need to understand Loki’s behavior and his personal history?

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For now, Sylvie’s big plan is to break into TVA and make sure to destroy the Timekeepers. This is what he has suggested, although he has not made it clear. What drives you to such an idea? For now, it could all be part of his chaotic nature, a violent takeover … or something more personal. In chapter three, Sylvie has given several very little data about TVA that are puzzling.

During the first scene, he is shown talking to the TVA soldier he kidnapped, showing how his mind control works. It is based on memories and also on the reconstruction of memory spaces. Furthermore, it is evident your knowledge about time travel And as if that weren’t enough, even the TVA recruiting method. Everything seems to suggest that as he said, the plan takes years to develop. Years in which he had time to gather information, to find a way to enter the Agency and… to know what his enemy would be.

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Why would this long walk around the planet Lamentis, very close to collapse, be useful? Is Sylvie really so clumsy as to leave a loose end so enormous that she needs the help of the one who is precisely chasing her? More intriguing still: Loki and Sylvie’s conversations are hard data of a personal nature. There is nothing that could help the most dangerous variant – superior and in another chronological space – to achieve its mission. Unless that data allowed you to create a compelling mental illusion. Which leads to the most important question.

Can Sylvie control Loki?

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The big question that the program leaves, and that opens a confusing arc: can everything that has happened be an illusion created to take information from Loki and fight against him? If she was Lady Loki, she most likely couldn’t use magic against herself, but if she was Sylvie, and the show doesn’t clarify, yes. And in fact, everything seems to suggest that this very curious chapter is nothing more than an illusion, identical to the one that began the delivery.

A dangerous one that also hinted that Sylvie is looking to fight the TVA in a more personal way than one might suppose. Are you looking for a TVA agent, who, as we already know, are recruited under more than questionable conditions?

For now, the Loki series is a box of mysteries and he just added one more to the list.

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