Several times a day the dog carries a straw basket on its muzzle, carrying vegetables, fruit and food

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In Medellín, Colombia, has surprised the walk of Eros through the streets, since several times a day he carries a straw basket in his snout, bringing vegetables, fruits and food to the clients of the El Porvenir market.

He dog Chocolate-colored eight-year-old labrador is rewarded by people with food and head massage.

Eros was reluctantly adopted by Maria, due to the children’s insistence that they take care of the animal.

When they opened the market in the Tulipanes neighborhood, the animal began to accompany María and her children to make deliveries of supplies.

The animal remembers the names of the clients who have rewarded him and has learned to go to the houses on his own to deliver what they send him.

« The names of five or six customers are known. I send the products in the basket with a receipt, and they pay me by bank transfer, » said the owner.