Contact lenses are not prohibited in sports, so they can be used without legal inconvenience

Contact lenses are delicate medical resources that require special care. This being the case, one wonders how appropriate it is to wear contact lenses in the midst of such demanding activity as physical exercise. Here we will address the issue.

The factor of physical demand

The ophthalmological portal Contact Lenses 365 indicates that the use of contact lenses can facilitate some areas of sports that would be problematic with frame lenses.

In this situations, it is very important that you know how to adjust contact lenses inside your eye socket so that they do not move uncomfortably inside your eye and your visual capacity is not altered during the course of the encounter.

Sports like billiards and bowling do not require much movement from the body, so contact lenses are less likely to shift. This changes, however, in disciplines such as soccer, basketball, tennis, and many others.

Benefits of contact lenses for sports

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The use of contact lenses in sports disciplines is not prohibited insofar as it does not represent a substantial or illicit improvement of a person’s natural abilities, but only an aid to remedy a particular visual deficiency.

In the sports field, contact lenses offer multiple benefits to their wearers, such as protection against UV rays, greater comfort and visual safety, peripheric vision, etc.

Depending on the physical exercise in question and the movements you must perform, you can choose whether to temporarily remove the contact lenses or not. Remember that any decision you make in this case must aim to preserve your well-being.