Can I speed up those long audios?

With the help of a Chrome extension, you can speed up the audios you receive.

If there is something that bothers many WhatsApp users, it is having to listen to those long audios that some contacts send.

Two, three and even more minutes can be a friend’s audios, but we are not always willing to listen to them.

Maybe we find it annoying to have to listen to a voice message for so long or we just can’t do it at that moment. The point is that not everyone likes having to wait so long to find out what they tell us.

Is it possible to speed up the speed of my audios? The answer is yes, it is possible. Only not from the application, but from WhatsApp Web.

How to speed up audios on WhatsApp

To play the messages sent through WhatsApp faster, you need to download an extension available in Google Chrome called WA Web Plus.

This tool is useful for those users who use the web version of WhatsApp and want to save time listening to the audios they receive.

How to use WA Web Plus

The first thing you should do is open a tab in the Chrome browser and click on the Applications option that appears in the upper right. Now enter where it says Chrome Web Store.

When in the browser app store, find the WA Web Plus extension and click the Add extension button.

When it is installed, press the extension icon and in the « Enhancements » button you must click on « Accelerate audio messages », which is found in the « Personalization » submenu.

When you have enabled the function, you will be able to choose the speed with which the audios will begin to play.