Can I eat cold cuts if I’m on a diet?

04/05/2021 at 12:45 CEST

Can I eat cold cuts if I’m on a diet? It is a common question among those looking to lose weight. The answer is yes, but it depends. Always look for those natural products that provide nutrients and are not rich in fat. In basic terms, chorizo ​​is not as recommended as Serrano ham or jerky. The latter, in addition, has been revealed in a study as a most complete and balanced food.

The director of the Leon Biotechnology Institute, Carlos Barreiro, has confirmed that the study prepared by this body on the nutritional characteristics of jerky certify it as “a healthy, complete, balanced and safe food, with a high amount of protein and low in fat.”

This was explained this Wednesday in a telematic press conference in which the president and vice president of the León Provincial Council, Eduardo Morán and Matías Llorente, and the representatives of the Cecina Regulatory Council Ezequiel Diez and Luis Castro were present.

In this regard, Barreiro explained that the study shows that jerky counts “With a high amount of proteins that are close to the ideal that fit the nutritional needs of the body” in addition to having a “composition very low in fat, which makes it a healthy food.”

Likewise, this study reveals that “It has essential minerals such as iron, phosphorus or magnesium, important for development.”

The second phase of this study has shown that “it is a safe food that sometimes uses preservatives due to production necessity and in which nitrates or nitrites are not found or it is well below what is allowed in the legislation.”

Likewise, Carlos Barreiro has detailed that the amount of salt “is very low” and he added that “polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons have not been detected, which in high quantities could pose serious problems in human bodies.”

Also, two cured meats with different curing times have been analyzed to know the level of proteins in which it is detailed that “Five or six proteins make it possible to trace and authenticate products of greater cure with respect to those of less and that can help to avoid fraud in the sale of these products.”

The director of Inbiotec stressed that the results of the study “are satisfactory” and added that the jerky “is a banner to be very proud of, a food linked to the history of this territory.”

For his part, Morán thanked the development of this study and valued jerky “an exquisite product that makes it clear that it is an essential food for any healthy diet.”

Along these lines, he has advocated continuing with this type of study with other products that can “Give added value to products and help the sector to expand the range of product marketing.”