Campazzo points out the differences between the NBA and the rest of the leagues

The belief is widespread that the NBA does not defend itself and that the entire game, at least until the long-awaited finals of the competition, is the result of improvisation and the high quality of its players. Facu Campazzo, who has been champion in Europe and a benchmark until leaving to experience his great opportunity at the hands of the Nuggets, has been one of the last to try to refute these thoughts.

The player, MVP in Real Madrid before packing his bags and traveling to Denver, has given an interview to La Nación in which he reviews the current situation of the team and the sensations he is experiencing in his first North American experience.

Campazzo has had a great participation in the Euroleague in the last two years, has dominated the League and Cup in Spain and now faces a major challenge in the United States: being a starter to replace Jamal murray, the second best player of a team that counted in betting for a few months as a favorite to the Ring on the side of West. With this the Argentine plays, who has an illusion in the NBA.

“Everything here is much more tactical. They gave us a book with a large number of pages that explains the tendencies of each player, the plays he makes. There is a deep analysis of the opponent. In the playoffs, everything is more detailed. They analyze by which side is going to come out, how he likes to express himself offensively. You have to know in which play he is more potent. You have to study that and, when you are going to make the scouting video, the assistants ask you questions to know if you were working on the equipment they give you. And all that you have to take to the field later. It was something new for me “, highlights Facu, who comes from the highest level and now experiments with an even more advanced world. “In Argentina and Spain there are also rules to follow, strategic plans, but there is a quota of instinct of the moment. Here everything is more to the letter. Be careful, here there are certain freedoms to play, you can take risks. But if you leave the plan a little and it goes well they don’t tell you anything; if not, well, they let you know. They always recommend that you follow everything perfectly because everything is well studied. They give you all the tactical tools and you then have to put your intensity and energy “, adds the one from Córdoba in relation to defenses.

“You have less time to make determinations. The attack itself is more like what I was used to, with less space, less room for error. You pay dearly if you make mistakes. Every detail plays an important role. At times I felt that I did not. I could get the card out of my game, it was hard for me to get into the rhythm. As we study them, they do it with us. I tried to play as smart as possible, but I realized that I have many things to improve, “he declares.

“Everything is more physical and tactical. There are already piques, there are mini-players, there is more talk, there is more friction. It is more beautiful, the games get more spicy. The difference with the regular season is noticeable,” says Facu when speaking of greater intensity.

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