Facundo Campazzo has transmitted to Real Madrid his irrevocable decision to go to NBA and in the merengue club they only have to accept it. It was something that did not enter their plans, so they have placed the Argentine in a somewhat tricky situation, forcing him to face the 6 million euros of his clause, of which, any team that signs him could only disburse 750,000 euros . This makes Campazzo have to take a very bold step and it would be rare if he did not secure a good contract in the United States. For now, Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks are the most interested in taking over their services, but the uncertainty about the dispute between the NBA and European basketball next year, as well as the economic precariousness, are a cause of concern for all the base environment. This would cause Madrid not to let Laprovittola out and form with him Sergi Llull and Carlos Alocén, a triumvirate of bases for the next campaign.