Camilo makes a collaboration with Shawn Mendes

It’s been just a month since the image of Camilo, Evaluna, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello appeared together around the world. Already then we suspected that something was up in the musical, and we were not wrong.

Here is the result of that meeting: a new version of the song “Kesi”, included in the latest album by the Colombian artist, and in which Shawn himself cheers up with the Spanish and sings his chorus in a spectacular way.

“I never thought of remixing it until one of my favorite artists, Shawn Mendes, proposed it to me directly. Being a big fan of his music, the very idea of ​​hearing him singing in Spanish is something that made me very excited, “said Camilo through a statement. “My favorite part of working with Camilo is being around him, his energy is contagious and beautiful. When we met there was an immediate click, and I feel like it’s so much easier to work with someone once you feel like you’re friends with them. You get a lot more excited about the release, ”Mendes said in a statement. For now, the remix of the song does not have a video on YouTube.

For now, the remix of the song does not have a video on YouTube. The original video clip for “KESI” has accumulated more than 38 million views on that platform.

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