“I love you, as much as I can. I love you, and I’m doing my best.” Camille Lellouche evokes a complicated love story in song in her hit, Mais je t’aime, in a duet with Grand Corps Malade. If this love song is one of the hits of the summer that touches the heart of many French people, it seems to be the result of a relationship recently ended for the 34-year-old comedian.

In an interview with Le Parisien, Camille Lellouche explains how she composed Mais je t’aime, and gives details of her private life in passing: “I composed it on the piano three years ago. I wrote the lyrics after two months of relationship with a person. But I never managed to finish the song. Until Fabien (the real name of Grand Corps Malade) called me to participate in his record. played and he loved it immediately. He wrote his lyrics. And it felt good to finish it with him. “

And when our colleagues evoke with her a particularly moving clip, in which the singer is in tears, Camille Lellouche answers honestly and even admits just coming out of a breakup: “When I cry, it’s real. The day before the clip, the person for whom I had written it has collected his things from me. My emotion is not feigned. And Fabien’s neither, because he knew this person. And each time it is sung, it happens a very strong thing between us. “

Mais je t’aime is the first single from Grand Corps Malade’s 7th album, Mesdames, which was released on Friday September 11th. In this album of duets with female artists, the singer also shares titles with Laura Smet, Suzane, Louane, Véronique Sanson or even the rapper Alicia .. Let us wish the album the same success as Mais je t’aime, which is already gold single, with more than 12 million plays on Spotify and 30 million views on YouTube.