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Mexican actress Camila Sodi she confessed that both she and her daughter Fiona have already recovered from coronavirus. The niece of Thalia He turned to his Instagram account to share the good news after weeks before he announced that he and his daughter had tested positive for COVID-19.

Through their social profile, Camila revealed that both had overcome the disease and had recovered satisfactorily after staying at home isolated and with the appropriate sanitary measures.

“I want to share good news that the infectologist gave us,” said Sodi through her Stories. He discharges us on Tuesday. We are immune, which means that we can hug our loved ones again, she can kiss her dad, I can visit my mom, “said the actress.

In the same way, Camila stressed that despite being free of the disease, she will continue to take precautions not to infect her family, because as she previously said, she may continue to be a carrier of the virus.

“We will continue to stay at home, very aware of this general quarantine so as not to spread the virus, but we are also free of it and I wanted to tell you that I am very happy with this news that you gave us,” emphasized the actor’s ex-partner. Diego Luna, father of their two children.

“Of course, we must be very careful, wash our hands very well, change our clothes and be very aware, but now I can also be of service to people, that interests me a lot,” he explained.

«(I can) go visit people who are sick, bring medicine to my friends ‘grandparents, to my people, to my friends’ parents. Eventually, also people who need help, and that makes me very happy, “she added.

Camila also sent a message to all people who are in the same situation and who, unlike her, are going through a more severe stage of the disease, since from the beginning she assured that the symptoms she reflected were very slight.

“I also wanted to tell you that my heart and my strength go out to all of you who are struggling with this virus in a much more severe way. To all the people who are hospitalized, to all the people who have someone hospitalized, I wish you a speedy recovery. and that their hearts are filled with light to face this difficult situation, “he said.

During her journey to recovery, the 33-year-old actress shared with her followers the process she went through having coronavirus and how she experienced the disease. The celebrity tried to raise awareness in the public and invited them to take care of themselves and the people around them.

It was on March 26 that the Mexican explained that she started having all the symptoms, but that the one who “felt very bad” was her baby. Because she had a high fever, she decided to test her for COVID-19, and she tested positive. In this way, she knew that like Fiona, she had the virus in her body.

“The symptoms are different in everyone, I did not rise above 37.5 in temperature, stomach aches, people don’t know that, my stomach was upset, my mouth was dry,” he explained, with the intention that everyone knows the importance. taking care of yourself and paying attention to the signals your body can give you.


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