Camila Cabello was harshly criticized for these bikini photos

Camila Cabello, who became known as one of the members of the group Fifth Harmony, She was recently caught on a beach with her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, and generated controversy because according to people, she looked “fat”.

The singer gave a great lesson in self-love to proudly show off your curves in a blue bikini, but beyond her outfit, internet users focused on her body and immediately they launched strong criticism.

In the images you can see that naturally, like many, Camila has cellulite and that the chubby ones on her waist and back were bouncing, so they did not take long to emerge the comments of the many who consider this a “default”.

One would think that one should not comment on the bodies of others, but the haters forgive nothing and said “fat”, “no curves”, and they even rumored that she was overweight due to being pregnant.

While it is true that many fans praised her mainly for the calm and confidence in accepting her body, regardless of shape or size; sadly for some people, Camila’s body is not perfect enough.

It seems that someone as famous as her has such a “real” body and, above all, that she does not become self-conscious about it, is inexcusable.

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