In her last Instagram Story, Camila Cabello shared a powerful message to destinations of her haters, who criticize her …

Too much is too much for the Havana interpreter. Camila Cabello posted a more than impactful message on social networks and he addresses his haters.

Often criticized, Camila Cabello has to deal with derogatory comments on a fairly regular basis from his view. It is therefore sometimes difficult to contain yourself.

Remember, last year, the young woman celebrated the two years of the release of her title Havana. Except thatan incident spoiled this beautiful day.

She had thus confided this on Instagram: “While trying to find a photo to celebrate ‘Havana’ second anniversary, my eyes accidentally fell on comments from people denigrating my physique.”

Faced with these comments, the young woman retorted : “My body is not cut in the rock. Honestly, the first thing I felt was a complete lack of self-confidence just IMAGINING what these photos must look like. “Oh no, my cellulite”, “Oh no, I haven’t tucked my stomach”.

Words that are hard to take for the young woman who tries to sensitize her fans to bodyshaming. “The saddest thing is that young girls are growing up in this changed world and looking for a perfection that does not exist.”

Camila Cabello’s message to haters on Instagram

Camila Cabello responds to her haters on Instagram

Yesterday, the young woman therefore posted a Story full of meaning in her Instagram Story. In the latter, she shares a quote found on an Instagram account.

The quote reads: “Someone is criticizing me. This is his problem. Mine is therefore not to do or say anything contemptuous ”. And that’s not all.

Below, we can therefore read : “Someone hates me. This is his problem. So I have to be patient and grateful with everyone, even those who criticize me ”. So who is Camila Cabello for?

Pointed out since her breakup with Shawn Mendes, the young woman seems tired of criticism about her. This message is therefore probably addressed to his haters who keep harassing her on social networks.

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